KOJOUJI PLAZA [Free Download]

KOJOUJI PLAZA Free Download PC Game arrangement in single direct connection for Windows. It is an astounding activity and experience game.

KOJOUJI PLAZA PC Game 2020 Overview


Kojouji is a science fiction endurance frightfulness puzle game that happens in a deserted processing plant.

The game has various consummation results depending of the accomplishments of the player, who can advance through the game openly. The player would need to find how to finish the targets and get the total closure.


The hero is an analyst employed to locate a missing individual that works in security at a processing plant. He continues to explore this man whereabouts by setting off to his work environment, where he finds that the spot is abandoned and contamined by noxious gases. During his examination, he finds reality behind this spot and finds that there are unquestionably increasingly hazardous things covered up in the profundities of the surrendered production line.

Full game size: 4.6 GB.
Currently only compatible with Windows x64.
Compatible with controller.
Complete video settings options and input customization.
Full game duration:
Expected gameplay duration: ± 3 hrs, multiple runs (this may vary from user).
Developer speedrun: 30 mins.
Developed in Unreal Engine 4.
This game is beeing developed by only one person.
Settings save location: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Kojouji
If you have any problem with the input, try to delete the settings file in the location above.
The next update will be on tuesday 9. It includes:


The following update will be on tuesday 9. It incorporates:

– The spare framework.

– Improved Interactable articles pointer.

– Bug Fixes.

– Small changes.


This game is being created by just a single individual (and is the first I have ever done). All sort of client service may get ruined by my powerlessness to help all of you. I am sorry ahead of time.

Develop Content Description

The designers portray the substance like this:

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